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April 17, 2024

Updated: Jul 1


Aimee Haber Barry Ringstrom Cecilia Armstrong Brian Marczak Terrell Carstens Julie Kamenetzky Karen Grant


  • Julie Kamenetzky presented the 2024 Social Budget and Expenses plan which is $350 more than it was in 2023 and includes some minor movement of funds between events, as well as a couple of new events: a social event at Sushi One/Dixie Q, a new holiday hayride, and a Brookhaven wine tasting event.


  • Cecilia Armstrong presented the financial information and member count.

  • There have been a few reimbursements of membership fees as some members signed up separately from their spouses and others signed up more than once. The website was updated to ensure only one membership subscription is allowed per email address to reduce the need for future reimbursements.

  • Cecilia noted that the costs for the post office box are being automatically drawn from someone's personal bank account, but it's not clear whose account it is. Aimee will reach out to the BFCA's previous treasurer, Mike Hibbard, to see if he knows.

  • There was some discussion of costs associated with hosting planning events. Past costs to host the planning events were voluntarily incurred.

  • Karen made a motion to vote to allocate $100 for planning events for the social committee, the new member committee, and the board. Barry seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously to allocate $300* for hosting costs for planning events.

  • Aimee then made a motion to approve the 2024 Social Budget and Expenses plan. Karen seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously to approve the plan.

  • There was a significant amount of discussion about whether it would benefit the budgeting process to encourage members to pay their annual dues in the first quarter of the year. It would make it easier to estimate and cover expenses, but it would require members to cancel their automated payments and reestablish them later.

  • Aimee will encourage members to pay their annual dues at the beginning of the year during the Spring Fling and the annual meeting.


  • Julie presented the New Committee Member Framework which outlines the BFCA's membership growth strategy and activities throughout the year. There is a significant amount of work to be done and Julie will encourage members to join the New Member Committee during the annual meeting.


  • Aimee then presented the agenda for the upcoming annual meeting. Brookhaven’s District 2 Councilmember, Jennifer Owens, has been asked to speak.


  • There was some discussion of how to account for members who have signed alcohol liability waivers. In Wix, where member profiles are stored, Brian has created a new label and segment for members who have signed waivers in person. Additionally, anyone who RSVP's for an event that requires an alcohol waiver policy to be agreed to will have a label appended to their member profile.


  • Terrell Carstens then presented the Zoning Committee update. Terrell explained that the Zoning Committee acts not by emotion or opinion, but strictly by the code established by the City of Brookhaven.

  • The Zoning Committee recently composed a letter to the Brookhaven Mayor and City Council stating that the Brookhaven Fields Civic Association opposes the building of rooftop bar on Connolly's Parkside on Dresden for numerous inconsistencies with the project as it was approved by City Council. Aimee sent the letter to the Brookhaven Mayor and City Council on April 9th.


  • There will be a number of open positions this year as the BFCA bylaws limit the terms of board members to three years—Aimee, Barry, Bob, and Brian are all required to vacate their offices.

  • During the annual meeting, Aimee will invite members of the community to join the board as board members at large and then will ask for nominations to fill the open positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary.

  • There was some discussion of the need for continuity, followed by a recommendation to establish a rolling term plan in order to bring new officers up to speed and familiarize them with the responsibilities and requirements of the roles. The meeting adjourned.

*Corrected to $300 as unanimously approved by the BFCA board members at the June 19, 2024 Board Meeting during review of prior meeting minutes. Amended 7/1/2024 by Jennifer Bailey

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