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June 28, 2021

Updated: Oct 24


Ashley Del Favero

Mike Hibbard

Ricardo Kamenetzky

Bob Hutchinson


  • The rental of our box was renewed in February for one year (cost $188 for the year). Mike will reimburse Meredith

  • Mike will obtain the keys from Meredith.


  • The data about officers and addresses needs to be updated

  • Ashley will check to see what needs to be done.


  • We have ~$18K in the bank, but receipts have been diminishing after the annual renewal period.

  • Ashley to check with Jared as to what are the regulations for nonprofit corporations with respect to cash reserves. Are there any legal limits? Do we have too much? Done after the meeting.


  • Stephanie Elliott organized a yoga class at Clack’s Corner on the 26th

  • Stephanie proposed additional yoga classes and a “Painting in the Park” event for kids. Ricardo replied to Stephanie right after the meeting. The Board approved 3 more yoga classes and the painting event.

  • William McKinley communicated verbally to Ricardo on the 26th that he (William) is ready to re-start “Tasters and Traders”

  • We are tentatively planning a Neighbor Bash / Octoberfest / Name TBD event on October 23rd. possibly 4:00 to 7:30 or something in this range. If anyone feels strongly about this date not working please let us know. For now Ashley is working on a few options and budget to put together for review at our next meeting.

  • Bob Hutchinson will check with Heaven to obtain contact information for the 3-piece band that plays there on Thursdays.

  • Policy on participation in BFCA sponsored social events. It was necessary to establish this, as it will be reflected in the website design:

  • The activities sponsored by the BFCA are intended for participation by paying members

  • Having said that, we recognize that:

  • It is not practical to expect 100% enforcement. We cannot verify membership status for every event.

  • All members, including the Board can informally, and tactfully, ask “new people” if they are BFCA members and, if not, encourage them to join.

  • For limited capacity events (e.g. Tasters and Traders) priority needs to be given to members in good status.

  • Ashley to follow up with Barry on current membership and plans of the social committee. Done right after the meeting.


  • Dresden Corridor Traffic Study. The City has set the date for the community input forum: July 13.

  • Ashley will post Ricardo’s communication on the Brookhaven Fields Facebook page


  • ALL Board Members: Please check the websites of other neighborhood associations. Provide specific examples to Brian indicating what you like and what you do not like in those websites. This will help Brian and his young assistant

  • Ashley provided feedback to Brian on other associations, right after the meeting.


Ashley will schedule the next one.

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