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January 24, 2023

BFCA Meeting Minutes

January 24th, 2023


● Aimee Haber, President

● Cecilia Armstrong, Treasurer

● Brian Marczak, Secretary

● Bob Hutchison, Board Member

● Gina Gianfagna, Board Member

● Michelle Timmons, Board Member

● Terrell Carstens, Board Member


  1. Review previous budget from last year

  2. Review membership and discuss how to drive membership

  3. Discuss Social Committee budget for 2023

  4. Elect Executive Vice President

  5. Other items



The meeting began with some discussion of membership and a general lack of awareness that the BFCA organizes and looks out for the community. The board brainstormed as to how to build awareness:

● Gina suggested that we create a BFCA Instagram profile to build awareness. Terrell suggested setting up a BFCA table at each event to build awareness and to collect donations.

● Aimee suggested canvassing the neighborhood with flyers (and acknowledged that we cannot put flyers in mailboxes).

● Terrell offered that Jolene has someone who has volunteered services for designing promotional materials.

● There was some discussion of additional yard signs.

● Brian suggested that we might use yard signs to promote a photo competition for neighbors walking their dog to post photos of their dogs to a neighborhood Instagram account. Michelle added that we might get a gift card from City Dog Market (

● There was some discussion of creating a QR code that links to the website’s membership page ( so that we might include a BFCA flyer in the kiosk at Clack’s Corner.

● Michelle suggested that we might set up a Venmo account to make it easier for people to submit membership dues. This is followed by some discussion of the requirements and process by which we might do this. It seems that Venmo requires a phone number (which the BFCA does not have). Michelle offers that someone could use their own phone number and manually transfer the funds to the BFCA upon receipt. We would also have to manually add them to the website.

● There was some discussion of the memorable ‘Explore Brookhaven’ magnet campaign ( and how successful it was. Everyone on the board seems to really like the idea of a BFCA magnet for mailboxes and vehicles.

● Michelle mentioned that the BFCA used to organize a monthly walk around the neighborhood for neighbors to meet and socialize.

● Michelle offered that ‘Signs of Intelligence’ ( does a lot of work for other organizations.

● Aimee offered to get pricing from her sign company and ask about magnets.

● Some discussion of Instagram surveys and Instagram integration with the website.

● Terrell suggested bringing balloons to homes with new babies.

● Aimee mentioned that new members are not being added to the Google Groups list. Brian will send the website member list to Aimee so that she can add new members to the Google Group list.

● Some discussion of how before the website was established, a membership committee handled the membership list and it was easier since everyone’s annual dues were collected and processed at the beginning of the year. Cecilia suggests that we align the renewal dates.

● Aimee suggests asking for volunteers to run a membership committee, book club, baby welcoming, dog walks, walking club, neighborhood clean up day, progressive dinners, etc.

Budgeting & Social Committee

The board then pivoted to the review of the official budget:

● Cecilia asked that, as Treasurer, the Social Committee provide an estimate for each event in advance. The goal should be to have at least one year's worth of expenses covered at any time.

● There was some acknowledgment that there needs to be better controls on spending, and that we need to be thriftier, and we need to ask for donations:

● There was some discussion of how to bring the cost of the Spring Fling down.

● Gina offered that she knows the owner of Moe's and she can work with him to negotiate costs down.

● This was followed by a discussion of fees associated with food trucks and how last year we paid for the food truck to arrive, covered food for the first number of people, and it ended up being overly expensive.

● Some discussion of the need for volunteers on the social committee—the social committee currently assigns one person to lead each event, but it has become taxing.

● Cecilia offered guidance that the committee submit the cost for all of the events, then she would present it to the board for approval.

● Cecilia will provide Michelle with a more detailed budget so Michelle can look for opportunities to save money.

● Terrell offered that the Parks Department can provide tables and chairs for events.

● This was followed by a review of the Spring Fling costs. While the bouncy house seemed expensive at $400, the rest of the expenses seemed reasonable

● Terrell reported that Meredith from Park Pride would like to move the remainder of the donations initially collected for Clack’s Corner to the BFCA, so that Park Pride’s bank account for the donations can be closed. As funds in a 501c3 can only be moved to another 501c3 to comply with nonprofit status, the BFCA will need to allocate the remaining $3,500 funds to Clack's Corner so they can't be spent anywhere else. Terrell expects the funds to be spent this year.

● Some discussion of the electrical system at Clack’s Corner being problematic as it floods and fills in with mud——Terrell advised the city to build it using knee poles, but the city decided to bury it. Cecilia suggested drafting a letter to the city from the board, keeping the request only to outlets. Aimee offered to sign the letter.

Executive Vice President

Aimee nominated Barry Ringstrom for Executive Vice President and the board unanimously voted him in.

The meeting was adjourned.

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